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You can't buy perfect skin

 The problem with most people's idea of skincare is, most of us think products will fix our skin issues; and they might - to a degree. In a society full of advertisements and “perfect” looking humans, us consumers are being influenced by the latest trends, or internet information, and just following the crowd. The problem here is, we are all so different. Are we listening to our bodies, or letting others tell us what’s best for us? How many people do you know, are uneducated on how to achieve and maintain a healthy, vibrant mind and body, and simply being victims instead of doing something for themselves?   When I first broke out with this rash, the first thing I...

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Are you exfoliating enough?

You’ve most probably read to exfoliate once a week, or you could damage your  skin. We exfoliate every single day. Why? Exfoliation refers to removing dry dead skin from the body. Along with wearing natural coconut oil based sunscreen and taking in antioxidants, exfoliation is one of three main fundamentals to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Exfoliation helps to make skin brighter and look fresh by giving it a glamorous glow and removing dull skin.   Why Is Exfoliation So Important? One of the most important practices to keep a bright and healthy skin is exfoliation. Exfoliation not only helps keep your skin glowing but it also helps to resolve many skin problems.   What Skin Care Problems Does...

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The minimalists way of clearing pimples

You are likely to have heard it at some stage, that cold showers are in fact good for you. Here’s why I know, as a matter of fact; they are.. Especially for your skin! Born in a small beachy town, I grew up taking cold showers after a swim in the ocean. As I got older and moved out of home, I thought my parents were crazy going to the beach even when it was far from a sunny beach day. Knowing a lot more about health now, I get why my parents always have such a healthy appearance.. They live a healthy and active lifestyle, never missing a walk to the beach for a swim in the fresh, cold...

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