Are you exfoliating enough?

You’ve most probably read to exfoliate once a week, or you could damage your  skin. We exfoliate every single day.


Exfoliation refers to removing dry dead skin from the body. Along with wearing natural coconut oil based sunscreen and taking in antioxidants, exfoliation is one of three main fundamentals to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Exfoliation helps to make skin brighter and look fresh by giving it a glamorous glow and removing dull skin.


Why Is Exfoliation So Important?

One of the most important practices to keep a bright and healthy skin is exfoliation. Exfoliation not only helps keep your skin glowing but it also helps to resolve many skin problems.


What Skin Care Problems Does Exfoliation Help to Improve?

Blemished Skin:

For blemishes your main focus should be on exfoliating in any at home skin treatment. Every now and then we’re advised to dry out the skin with acne products which can be at times very harsh. Even though that helps to kill acne causing bacteria, many times the skin dries out and results in not only skin irritation but can also lead to even more breakouts with time. This is because the dry skin cells keep building up on the surface which eventually end up forming a barrier trapping the oil and leading to a completely new cycle of breakouts.


Clogged Pores:

Blackheads, whiteheads and clogged bumps on the skin that are usually found on the temple are clogged pores. Removing dry and dead skin matter leads to less clogged pores as it stops oil from getting trapped and jamming in the pores. These are basically the same instructions as with blemished skin.


Dry Skin:

Exfoliation is especially essential during winters. When it’s cold and out skin is all dry, we tend to use layers of heavy creams to avoid the dryness. However in reality, having a dry skin means that there are dry skin cells, and by loading up on heavier creams, you provide more hydration to these cells. Therefore, you should increase exfoliation first to get rid of dry skin cells, then humidify the new cells so they remain moist.


Rough Skin:

Exfoliation is a great way to get a smooth skin instantly. You will see a smoother appearance once you remove the dry skin cells on the surface.



The natural exfoliation process of your skin automatically slows down with age, which results in accumulation of dry skin cells. You are basically making the skin act young again with your attempt of increasing exfoliation. Scrubbing away surface skin will allow nourishing ingredients to soak well within the lower layers of your skin so that your tired and ageing cells can get a jump start. Using a natural exfoliant like Alannah Browne Coconut Scrub will work at the deeper layer, your skin will improve in many ways, and you will look and feel younger.


So I hope that after reading just a few reasons to exfoliate, you will begin scrubbing regularly at once! Achieving flawless, supple skin is simple and easy with our Organic Coconut Scrub for face & body.


Flawless skin

Have a beautiful day!


Lots of love,

Alannah xx