The minimalists way of clearing pimples

You are likely to have heard it at some stage, that cold showers are in fact good for you. Here’s why I know, as a matter of fact; they are.. Especially for your skin!

Born in a small beachy town, I grew up taking cold showers after a swim in the ocean. As I got older and moved out of home, I thought my parents were crazy going to the beach even when it was far from a sunny beach day. Knowing a lot more about health now, I get why my parents always have such a healthy appearance.. They live a healthy and active lifestyle, never missing a walk to the beach for a swim in the fresh, cold ocean.

Here's why ocean lovers, love the ocean.

Your breathing deepens in response to the shock of the cold. You’ll notice this when you dive into the water or if your shower ever runs out of hot water! This is your body trying to keep you warm by increasing overall oxygen intake. Your heart rate increases, resulting in a rush of blood through your body, which wakes you up, lifts your mood and helps energize you for the day. Might I add, it’s a fantastic hangover cure!

It's equally amazing for your skin.

Hot water actually opens your pores and dries out your skin, while cold water tightens your pores, preventing them from getting dirty & clogged.

So, for perfect skin I find it most effective to start my shower hot in order to open my pores and cleanse. Cover myself in AB Organic Coconut Scrub and let the delicious oils soak in, then switch the water to cold in order to lock in the moisture and tighten my skin (trust me, this is amazing for getting rid of pimples!).. plus it leaves me feeling super refreshed! Great anytime of the day - especially just before I start work.

You can also thank cold showers for shinier, glowing hair.

So it's really pretty simple to keep your goddess glow on.

Beauty truly does come from the inside out. Let your body thrive by feeding it whole foods, nourish your mind with positivity and polish your skin with AB Organic Coconut Scrub in a cold shower!

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Sending lots of love and big hugs.

Alannah xx