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You can't buy perfect skin

by Alannah Browne |

 The problem with most people's idea of skincare is, most of us think products will fix our skin issues; and they might - to a degree. In a society full of advertisements and “perfect” looking humans, us consumers are being influenced by the latest trends, or internet information, and just following the crowd.

The problem here is, we are all so different.

Are we listening to our bodies, or letting others tell us what’s best for us?

How many people do you know, are uneducated on how to achieve and maintain a healthy, vibrant mind and body, and simply being victims instead of doing something for themselves?  

When I first broke out with this rash, the first thing I did was go to the doctor. He couldn’t diagnose it, and wanted to go with the “process of elimination” approach. He prescribed things like antibiotics and steroid cream.

Alannah Browne Australia blog post



I couldn’t stand the thought of having this all over my body indefinitely. So I set out on my own mission to get better. After reading an endless amount of blogs (who were just advertising products), and failing with buying creams, oils, balms, laying in the sun, staying out of the sun, exercising less - you name it, I tried everything, and nothing helped.

I had to look at WHY this would all of a sudden just pop up? My lifestyle was hard on my body - I only ate fruit and vegetables, slept (maximum) 6 hours a night, worked out 3+ hours a day, had a super stressful job, and partied the weekends away.

Exhausted; I quit my job, started eating more, slept more and stopped drinking alcohol. I also experimented with making my own skincare, because moisturisers and body washes were filled with chemicals, and just irritating my skin further. I needed something neutral, and natural that would encourage my skin to regenerate, keep it clean and moisturised, yet let it breathe. So after lot’s of research and experimenting, I developed a natural, moisturising body scrub (that’s how my company was conceived).


Within a matter of weeks, my skin cleared up, my face was glowing, and I had more energy than ever. The solution was so simple, I really just had to go back to basics, and most importantly listen to my body.

Alannah Browne Australia blog

I realise that some people will have quite severe cases, and complex medical needs. I’m not trying to prescribe anything here.


But, for most of us, the saying is true “you are what you eat”. I believe in prevention, rather than cure, and am a living example of this. In my case, if I treated my body better instead of starving it of essentials like food and sleep - I probably would never have had this issue. And I have never had it again. In fact, I’m now so aware of what’s going on in my body just by looking at my skin. As soon as I start regularly consuming alcohol, processed foods with artificial additives, and not exercising, it’s guaranteed I’ll have an uneven skin-tone and break out with pimples.

I’m not saying that you should quit your usual glass of wine (maybe ensure it’s good quality, with minimal sulphates and preservatives), or chocolate binge (there are delicious, all natural alternatives now), but it is imperative that we maintain a balanced diet on all fronts: food, exercise, sleep, sex, work and home life - it all counts towards our overall well being! Products certainly do help, but they alone, are not going to make your eczema or pimples or your dark circles disappear, neither will they completely balance your skin-tone.


My point is, listen to your body - look at it and notice every part. Take notice if something doesn’t feel right, and if it persists.

Self love is not a joke, and not something to be taken lightly.


Until next time - TAKE CARE!


Lot’s of Love,