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I'm just an Aussie girl who works long hours at the office, models, is dedicated to fitness, wellbeing and keeping happy. 

I know how it is to suffer from sensitive skin.

A few years ago, I broke out in a terrible rash that doctors could not diagnose and just prescribed mainstream treatments. So I set out to make my own solution! Creams were suffocating, upset my skin and made me itchy. After research on how to regenerate new skin and moisturise without creams, my moisturising Coconut Body Scrub was a winner! 
After sharing it with family and friends, the re-ordering became constant and I just had to share it with the world!

Making this scrub has been a labour of love. I have searched the Indian Ocean and South Pacific to get the best ingredients I could find, and worked with manufacturers and artists to make the packaging robust and elegant.

I made it for me, and I made it for you. 

I love it when women and men tell me how nice the oil infused sugar feels as it transforms from being coarse (in order to exfoliate) then softly melts down into a smooth rich oil, which slides off their bodies and down the drain giving back to nature… and that they can leave the shower with moist skin, looking and smelling beautiful after towel drying — no mess left behind in their shower, and spending the day with that desirable feeling lasting through to the evening. 

This product is my dream, my work, and I truly hope you love it as much as I do. Please let me know what you think — the feedback from amazing women across Australia, Canada and the US helped us make this for you. Your voice matters. We listen. We care. We are committed to keeping this the best, most empowering face and body moisturising exfoliator for amazing people around the world who care about nourishing themselves.

Let's keep in touch - you can find me here on Instagram!

Stay Beautiful and keep on smiling.


Love, Alannah xx